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Engwe E26 E-Bike (2024 Review)

Table of Contents

Finding a good e-bike under $1,500 isn’t easy.


Many decent rides cost double that if not more. So when we saw the Engwe E26 step into the market, at just over $1,000, it attracted our attention.


Fat-tire e-bikes have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and, on paper, the E-26 strikes all the right notes.


With a big electrical set-up, strong frame, and excellent weight-carrying capabilities, we were excited to hop aboard this one.


So is it really a rare bargain or are there any catches?


Let’s find out in our Engwe E26 review…

Our Verdict


The Engwe E26 is one of the best budget e-bikes we can find on the market.


At just over $1,000, it offers a big range, a comfortable riding experience and it can cope with heavy extra weights.


That makes it ideal for daily use in the city and for carrying shopping, however, it’s also an excellent fat-tires, which allows you to head out into nature at the weekend – loaded with extra kit.


It isn’t perfect and there are areas to improve, but at this budget price, we can’t complain.

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Engwe E26 Review

Engwe E26

Price: $1,199


The Engwe E26 is an aluminum framed e-bike, with two different style options – a step-through frame design or a high-step.


The bike is targeted at the entry-level and daily-use market, with a comfortable geometry, which is designed to be easy to harness.


The frame compound is robust, which provides a strong base that can be loaded up with extra weight and it’s fitted with a decent quality luggage rack over the rear end.


The bike is a versatile daily run around, which can be ridden with paniers hitched up to the luggage rack, or you can ride it out on a long weekend adventure with camping or fishing gear, etc.


All of these durable frame components do come at a cost though – the step-through E26 weight is 33.5kg, rising to 34.5kg with the high-step model.

That doesn’t make the bike the most nimble or playful to handle and it’s limited on adventurous terrain.


Engwe battery

The Engwe E26 comes with a 768Wh lithium-ion battery, which is located in the downtube.


That offers up an impressive range of around 140km, but that figure does diminish if you are loaded up with heavy gear.


If you’re riding the bike without extra luggage, it stands true to that estimated maximum range figure and we consistently knocked out more than 130km on one charge.


The range makes the bike a good option for a long spin out at the weekend, but it also ensures you can ride it multiple times on the daily commute, without needing to continually juice back up.


When you do need to charge the battery, it isn’t the quickest, so that top-range figure is welcomed. It takes around 6 hours to get back up to 100% from empty.


Engwe motor

The Engwe E26 comes with a 1000Wh custom motor, which can emit up to 70Nm of torque.


The torque return to wattage isn’t mind-blowing, but it still gives you a powerful boost when needed.


That makes the bike a capable climber and the motor works hard to drag along the extra kit you might be carrying.


However, due to the bike’s weight, it can still sometimes feel a little sluggish and there are other, more efficient, motors on the market, which offer a punchier torque top figure.


There is a trade-off here though and a more efficient motor often comes at a considerable extra cost.


Engwe suspension

The Engwe E26 comes with a hardtail and a minimal amount of travel at the front end.


The bike is limited on adventurous trails due to the lack of travel in the suspension, but it works well in an urban setting and suits the styles of riding the bike is designed for.


When loaded up with heavy gear, the reduced amount of travel in the suspension ensures you keep up a good level of traction and that reduces any feeling of sponginess.


That’s important for pedaling efficiency and there’s an ease in the bike’s use, which makes it a good option for entry-level riders.


If you want to head out into adventurous terrain though, this bike is completely unsuitable.


Engwe wheels

The Engwe E26 is fitted with a chunky pair of custom fat tires.


They are 26 inches in diameter, with a 4-inch wide tread, which provides a large amount of cushioning. That aspect contributes to the comfortable riding experience.


It also allows the e-bike to cope with heavy extra weight on the rear end and it opens up the possibility of going out in all weather conditions.


The toothy tread on the fat tire and the large surface area can cope well with everything from mud and snow to sand and concrete.


Engwe brakes

The Engwe E26 is fitted with a pair of custom hydraulic brakes.


They’re a simple component, which can at times feel slightly undergunned to cope with the bike’s heavy weight.


That’s something to be mindful of if you’re pushing the bike hard and if you’re loaded up with heavy extra gear – something to be cautious of.


If you’re riding on normal roads or simple trails, they will do the necessary job, but if you’re moving at pace in wet conditions, the brakes can be prone to slippage.


Engwe drivetrain

The 26 electric bike comes with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain.


We aren’t best impressed with the gearing range and the bike can feel heavy on the climbs as a result.


We think the drivetrain needs more gears to manage the bike’s weight and unless you’re particularly fit the bike can be hard to churn uphill – an issue which is amplified when carrying lots of equipment or shopping.


This is something to improve on future models, however, there is a likely cost implication.

Price - $1,199

At just over $1,000 you can’t view the E-26 as anything other than a very good deal.


You have a chunky range, a decent motor, and a well-designed frame. There are certainly areas which could be improved, but the price would likely spike as a result.


If you’re shopping on a budget, we think this is a worthwhile e-bike to consider, particularly if you know you’re likely to be carting around heavy loads.


If you understand the bike’s limitations and ride within them, you can have a damn good time on this one.


Our conclusion from this Engwe electric bike review is that this is a good deal.

Engwe E26 Facts & figures

Geometry configurations

Rider Height: 5.5 (ft) -6.5 (ft)


Payload Capacity: 150 kg (330lbs)


Package Dimensions (LWH): 63.9inches*11.2inches*34.2 inches (162.4*28.5*87 cm)

rider height
Wheelbase47.4 inches (120.5 cm)
Total Length76.5 inches (194.5 cm)
Reach19.6 inches (50 cm)
Standover Height28.3 inches (72 cm)
Minimum Saddle Height from Ground35.4 inches (90 cm)
Maximum Saddle Height from Ground40.1 inches (102 cm)
Minimum Handlebar Height from Ground46.4 inches (118 cm)
Maximum Handlebar Height from Ground47.2 inches (120 cm)

Please note: There may be a difference of 0~1.9 inches (0~5 cm) between measured and actual data.

Full Specs

BATTERY48V 16Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
MILEAGE87Miles / 140 km (PAS mode)
BRAKESHydraulic front & rear brakes
BIKE WEIGHTE26 Step-Thru 73.8 lbs (33.5 kg)
E26 High-Step 76.0 lbs (34.5 kg)
GROSS WEIGHTE26 Step-Thru 93.76 lbs (42.53 kg)
E26 High-Step 95.96 lbs (43.53 kg)
MAXIMUM LOAD330 lbs (150 kg)
RIDER HEIGHTS5.6~6.5ft(170-200 cm)

Final Thoughts

The Engwe E26 is a workhorse of an e-bike, which isn’t flashy, but it is practical.


There are areas to celebrate, such as the long-range battery and its ability to carry heavy extra weights.


There are few e-bikes of this quality, which you can find for this price, and that makes it a fantastic option for riders who are shopping on a budget.


It’s a capable daily run around and perfect for weekend pursuit rides, such as camping or fishing.


There are certain areas where it could be upgraded, but that would impact the price.


Overall, the E26 gets a thumbs up from us – time for you to find out for yourselves. We hope you enjoyed this Engwe e-bike review, now time to get spinning.


What is the range of the Engwe E26?

The range of the Engwe E26 is 140km.

What is the price of the Engwe E26?

The Engwe E26 costs $1,199.