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7 Best Electric Hunting Bikes (2024)

7 Best Electric Hunting Bikes (2024)

Table of Contents

Electric mountain bikes are versatile beasts and over the past few years, an increasing number of hunters have turned to them as an important tool for a day out.


Firstly, many e-MTBs run silently or at least very quietly, which increases the chances of getting close to your target without being spotted.


They are also nimbler than many other vehicles, which allows you to negotiate tight terrain, where other off-roaders, such as ATVs, might get stuck.

With the motor powers and battery ranges of e-MTBs increasing, that allows you to ride out all day and for a fraction of the price of a petrol or diesel-powered motorbike or 4×4.


You can see why electric mountain bikes are becoming so popular with hunters.


So which is the best e-bike for hunting?

Let’s find out in our hunting e-bike review….

Best on a mid-range budget

1. Bakcou Storm Jäger

Bakcou Storm Jäger

Best e-bike for hunting


Good for – Hunting, all conditions, long range


Price – $7,899




The Storm Jäger is a burly beast of a hunting companion, with chunky electrics and huge weight-bearing capabilities.


It’s highly acclaimed due to its electrical performance and is a specialist hunting e-MTB.


It may not be the most nimble, but in terms of raw power, it’s hard to beat.


The bike has a durable aluminum frame, which provides a strong footing on the trail and helps to soak up impacts.


It also has a relaxed geometry that allows you to ride the bike for many hours without feeling uncomfortable.


It’s fitted with a luggage rack over the back wheel, which can be used to load up hunting gear and it has enough power at its disposal to pull along a trailer, so you can cart a carcass back to base.


The bike isn’t particularly nimble due to its weight – it weighs in on the scales at 32.6kg and if you want to negotiate technical terrain, we recommend being careful as this bike feels heavy to handle.


There are positives to its bulk though – the bike has a load-bearing capacity of 136kg on the bike itself, plus whatever you can get on a trailer.


The Jäger comes with an 840Wh custom battery that sits just above the bike’s downtube.


It may not be the sleekest looking in terms of design, but it does the trick, providing a range of around 130km, depending on the terrain and weather conditions.


That’s a long day out hunting, but the range does reduce if you end up loading up the bike with a big animal – worth remembering, as you don’t want to be stuck out in nature after claiming a prize.


One downside to the battery is the charge time – it takes between 6 and 7 hours to get back up to 100% from empty.


The bike’s motor is one of its biggest assets – it comes with a monster Bafang M620, which can kick out a whopping 160Nm of torque.


It can provide a continuous 1000Wh of power without a grumble and it means the bike makes light work of steep terrain and it gives you enough juice to cart a heavy load back home – perfect for a hunting e-bike.


The sheer power is remarkable, however, if you’re on a very tight trail or technical terrain the bike can feel a little bit like a rampaging bull.

ℹ️ Be cautious with your assistance use on hazardous technical sections – the bike’s heavyweight, combined with its immense power, could lead to a nasty accident if you aren’t careful or don’t have the strength to cope with it.


The Storm Jäger is a full suspension e-MTB and it needs to be to cope with the frame’s weight and whatever other kit you have on there.


The bike comes with 120mm of travel at the front end and 100mm at the rear – it’s enough to soak up a decent amount of impact, without feeling too spongey on the flats.


You get RST Renegade Air Sprung forks and a Rockshox Monarch Air Sprung shock – they’re a decent enough pairing, which copes well with the bike’s weight.


The bike isn’t made for gnarly descending routes and you would soon feel incredibly uncomfortable if you started launching this bike off big drops, but it copes well with the weight-bearing needs of a decent hunting bike and that will do for us.


The Storm Jäger is fat tire e-MTB, to help provide maximum balance and allow you to take the bike out in all conditions.


It’s fitted with a pair of custom rims and a pair of Maxxis Minion 26-inch tires, with a 4-inch wide tread.


That provides a lot of stability and the toothy tread makes light work of wet, muddy, and snowy conditions.


The bike comes with Tektro HD E750 brakes, which offer a lot of power as they bite to help bring this chunky beast to a halt.


They may not be the most polished in terms of their responsiveness, but once they engage they provide a firm clamp – they do the trick without excelling.


You also get a 14-speed drivetrain, which you don’t often see and it helps enormously to cope with the weight of the bike, making peddling easier and more efficient.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt one of the best e-bikes for hunting.


With an immensely powerful motor, a chunky range, great weight-bearing capabilities, and a 14-speed drivetrain, the bike is made for long adventures out in nature and can take away a huge kill successfully.


It may not be the most nimble, but it does everything we need for an all-terrain e-bike for hunting.

2. Bakcou Mule

Bakcou Mule

Good for – Hunting, all-conditions, long-range


Price – $4,799




The Mule is the middle price range, specialist hunting e-MTB, by the team at Bakcou.


It’s cheaper than the Storm Jäger, but has a lot of similar qualities, making it an excellent bike for a day out hunting, with powerful electrics and big weight-bearing capabilities.


It’s had rave reviews, let’s find out why.


The Mule is an aluminum framed hunting bike, which weighs in at 30kg.


It’s slightly lighter than the Storm Jäger and that makes a difference on the trail, with the bike offering a slice more playfulness (although still limited due to the top weight figure).


The bike is fully geared up for a day’s hunting, with a strong frame over the back wheel for equipment and the capacity to haul a trailer when needed.


The bike has a weight-bearing capacity of 136kg, with more on a trailer.


It’s an impressive, heavy-duty set-up, which makes it one of the best e-bikes for hunting.


The Mule comes with an 840Wh custom battery, which provides a company-stated maximum range of up to 128km.


We found we ducked under that top figure, hitting around 110km, but that’s still a decent day’s adventure.


The battery’s performance surpassed our expectations, but it does look a little clunky, sitting boxlike above the downtube, rather than seamlessly into the downtube.


It doesn’t make the bike the best looker, however, substance over style in our opinion and the battery does deliver some impressive figures.


It takes between 4 and 6 hours to charge.


The Mule comes with a Bafang M620 motor, which pushes out an enormous 160Nm of torque.


It’s the same punchy set-up as the Bakcou Storm Jäger, offering up 1,000Wh of continuous power and reaching the dizzying heights of 1,500Wh in bursts.


The bike flies up challenging ascents and feels rapid on the flats too – it’s a beast, but can feel a little too much at times on narrow or technical trails.


As with the Storm Jäger, just be mindful of where you are when you’re opening her up or it could be a little like trying to tame a bull.


The Mule comes with 100mm of travel in the BCEB GT MRK forks and has a hardtail.


That differs from the Storm Jäger, which has 120mm at the front and 100mm in the shocks.


The Mule doesn’t cope quite as well on lumpy terrain as a result and it can feel quite rigid at times when things get bouncy underfoot.


However, the amount of traction is huge thanks to the minimal travel and it contributes to the athletic pace of the bike.


Pros and cons with this suspension, but the bike is certainly ruled out of technical descents or rowdy terrain.


The bike is fitted with a pair of 26-inch custom wheels, which are ultra-durable, to help cope with the bike’s heavy weight.


They’re coated in a 2.4-inch wide pair of Maxxis Minions, which are all-weather capable and offer a firm footing on the trail.


The Mule comes with a pair of Tektro HD E750s – they’re a powerful component, which fights hard at times when the bike is under pressure – just what you need from a heavy hunting bike.


You only get an 11-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain, a downgraded set-up compared to the 14-gear unit on the Storm Jäger – the reduced number of gears doesn’t make it anywhere near as efficient pedalling wise and when carrying a big load from a hunt, it can sometimes feel a challenge to churn around the pedals.

Final Thoughts

The Mule is one of the best e-bikes for hunting and it isn’t vastly different from the Storm Jäger.


This Bakcou hunting e-bike has a downgraded gearing set-up and suspension, but is largely the same otherwise.


If you can’t pay full wack for the Storm Jäger, go for this because it’s undoubtedly one of the best e-bikes for hunting.

3. Rambo Rebel

Rambo Rebel

Good for – Chasing down prey, hunting  


Price – $7,799




The Rambo Rebel is a fat tire e-MTB made for all-weather trail riding and comes in a camouflage paint job, targeting the hunting market.


It’s another contender in our battle to become the best e-bike for hunting, but there are areas for improvement.


The Rambo Rebel is an aluminum-framed e-MTB, which weighs 31.2kg.


Although it has a sporty geometry, which suggests the company is trying to angle the bike into the general trail market, the overall weight is still bulky and it can feel a little challenging to handle on technical terrain.


However, it’s a sturdy ride and can soak up impacts well thanks to the robust aluminium compound in the frame.


The camouflage paint job is a nice touch, helping you to blend in with the surroundings and raising the potential to stalk out prey successfully.


However, the bike doesn’t have a cage over the back wheel as standard and it means you can’t load up extra gear onto the bike easily – you customize a set-up and get one for another $100 or so, but the fit isn’t fantastic.


If you’re using this electric bike for deer hunting it would be best to use it as your stalking ride, but have a larger vehicle nearby for any successful kill.


The bike comes with a powerful 1000Wh custom battery, which sits seamlessly into the downtube, providing a clean-looking finish.


Despite the size of the battery, it doesn’t hit the top-range figures we would expect from a bike with that amount of juice behind it, which raises eyebrows.


We found we could push out around 70km at a maximum, which is underwhelming, however, the charge time is quicker than some of its counterparts, taking between 4 and 5 hours.


A big power figure on paper, but without the performance.


The Rambo Rebel is fitted with a 1,000Wh Bafang 1 motor, which can emit a maximum torque of 160Nm.


It’s immensely powerful and the bike flies up steep climbs and is a speed demon on the flats too.


In terms of chasing down prey, this bike is right up there among the best and the motor also operates reasonably quietly, which helps you sneak up at pace without scaring an animal.


It may not be the full all-in-one hunting package, but you can use this speedy bike to hunt down prey and then drive in something like an ATV with a trailer to cart the kill back.


The Rambo Rebel comes with a hardtail and a chunky 150mm of travel in the GT 860 forks.


The plush front-end suspension setup allows the bike to take some sizeable hits and it’s a bit more adventurous than some of the other bikes on our list.


It makes the bike a versatile beast, capable of hitting the weekend trails or heading out on a hunting trip.


The fixed rear end also makes the bike an efficient climber and contributes to the fast top speeds you can reach on the flats.


The bike comes with a pair of 26-inch custom wheels and a pair of Maxxis Minion fat tires, which have a particularly wide 4.8-inch tread.


It provides a firm footing on the trail and makes the bike capable of riding out in all weather conditions.


It also contributes to the balanced feel of the bike and makes it comfortable over long distances.


The Rambo Rebel is fitted with a pair of Tektro HD-E725 brakes – they offer a decent level of stopping power and reliability, which allows you to push the bike hard on a fast-moving trail.


You also get an 11-speed custom drivetrain, which just about copes with the demands of the powerful motor – no thrills, but it does the job.

Final Thoughts

Is this the best bike for hunting? Not quite – it isn’t the full package, however, it does prove to be an important tool in a hunting armory.


With a powerful motor and immense top speed, you can chase down prey easily and the camouflage paint job and quiet motor allow you to sneak up successfully.


Use it alongside other vehicles and you’ve got a winning combo, but without big weight-bearing capabilities, luggage racks or trailers, it will never be able to take the hunt away.

4. Rambo Nomad

Rambo Nomad

Good for – Hunting, bumpier trails


Price – $4,499




The Rambo Nomad is the junior counterpart to the Rambo Rebel.


It’s another decent electric bike for hunting and offers many of the same qualities as the Rebel, but it’s downgraded to make it more affordable.


It still offers a powerful motor, has a strong frame, and is a comfortable ride – making it one of the best value electric bikes for hunting.


The Rambo Nomad is aluminum-framed and feels particularly sturdy – soaking up impacts well when things get a little bumpy.


It weighs in at 29kg, which is lighter than the Rebel and makes it makes it a little nimbler, however, it’s still fairly weight compared to a proper trail bike.


The bike has a sleek design though, with a grey camouflage-style print, designed to help you seamlessly blend into the surroundings and maximize your chances of not being spotted by the prey.


The geometry has an ease of handling for a big bike and it feels adventurous at times, although limited due to the bulky weight.


The bike doesn’t come with a luggage rack, but for an extra $70 you can upgrade and install one – like the Rebel, it isn’t a perfect fit though.


The Nomad comes with a 672Wh custom battery – it’s significantly smaller than the Rebel and you notice in the top range figure.


The battery can only push out around 60km, which is quite a bit lower than the rest of the bikes on our list.


That top-range figure falls further if you’ve loaded up your luggage rack or are towing a trailer.


It’s only suited to shorter hunting days out, rather than long multi-day weekend adventures.


The Nomad comes with a 750Wh Bafang BBSHD motor, which can emit up to 120Nm of torque – it’s another aspect reduced in size compared to the Rambo Rebel.


120Nm of torque is still a sizeable amount and the bike is reasonably nifty on the climbs and it gets up to pace quickly on the flats.


In many ways, the power output feels a slice more well-balanced compared to the raw punch on the Rebel, which can feel too much at times.


However, if you are carting a big load of gear around or extra weight from a kill, then you do notice the reduced power output.


The Nomad comes with the same suspension set-up as the pricier Rebel – with 150mm of travel in the forks and a hardtail.


The bike feels quite sporty on bumpy terrain and copes well with some large impacts.


The forks are provided by GT with their MRK 860s on there and the hardtail ensures you remain pacy on the flats and maintain traction on the climbs.


It’s a well-rounded package and copes brilliantly with the demands of a day out hunting.


The Nomad comes with 26-inch custom wheels, which offer great impact dissipation and they’re surrounded by a pair of 4-inch wide custom fat tires.


The set-up soaks up impacts well and allows you to head out in all conditions.


The bike is fitted with a reliable pair of Tektro brakes that fill you with confidence when you’re carting around a big load on a hunt.


The 11-speed custom drivetrain is underwhelming though, it doesn’t offer enough range to cope with the rigors of a long day with a heavy load and that isn’t ideal when you’re heading out hunting.

Final Thoughts

There are some aspects to admire about the Rambo Nomad, particularly the suspension set-up and the bike’s largely well-balanced feel.


However, you are left feeling that it’s just a poorer relation to the Rebel and if you can afford it, we would recommend scaling up.


It’s still a viable mid-drive hunting e-bike though, but it doesn’t quite match the figures of our top few.

5. Quiet Kat Jeep Rubicon

Quiet Kat Jeep Rubicon

Good for – Lumpy trails,


Price – $6,499




This collaboration project between the car manufacturer Jeep and the e-MTB manufacturer Quiet Kat is a unique one.


Jeep isn’t the first car manufacturer to venture into the world of electric mountain biking, but they are when it comes to the hunting market.


On paper it’s exciting, but we found in our review rides that it doesn’t quite compete with some of the others on this list.


The Jeep comes with an aluminium frame and it looks a beauty with a tidy cockpit and sleek design in varying colours.


However, before jumping aboard we thought it looked a bit bulky, and on riding it we felt it – in fact, it rests on the scales at 34kg and it feels quite a challenge to handle at times.


The weight-bearing capabilities, which you need for a hunting adventure, are good though. It can take up to around 135kg – a sizable amount.


It doesn’t come with a luggage cage fitted as standard, but it’s set up to accommodate one, and once installed, it can also cart around a trailer with ease.


The bike comes with a 768Wh Panasonic battery – it’s not the best we’ve reviewed in our hunting e-bike guide.


You can only push out around 70km in one sitting and that won’t be long enough for a multi-day adventure out in the sticks.


The battery sits neatly into the downtube and it’s easily clicked out for charging, however, this is where another downside comes in.


It can take between 6 and 8 hours to charge back up to 100% from empty and given it only provides a small maximum range out on the trails, that doesn’t feel like the best deal out there.


The Jeep comes with a 1000Wh Bafang M620 Utra motor, which is proving to be increasingly popular on hunting e-MTBs.


It undoubtedly provides a powerful kick and you manage ascents well, but it does feel more sluggish than some of the other powerhouses on this list.


The output feels largely smooth, however, the bike doesn’t feel the most athletic on the flats due to its heavier weight.


Although there is a heavy-weight duo involved in manufacturing this bike the electrical performance doesn’t prove to be quite as star-studded.


The bike performs far better when it comes to the suspension.


You get 150mm of travel at both the front and the rear, with QK Custom Inverted Air Forks and RockShox Monarch RL shocks.


If you want to head out on short hunts on lumpy and bumpy terrain then this is the best e-bike for hunting.


Clearly, it isn’t the full-rounded package electrical-wise, but the suspension set-up is geared up for punishment on the trails and it excels on descents.


The bike comes with 26-inch custom wheels and monster 4.8-inch wide CTS Roly Poly fat tires.


They’re all-weather capable and soak up impacts magnificently, leading to a smooth riding experience when things get uncomfortable underfoot.


The Jeep is fitted with Tektro 730 brakes – they’re a high spec component, which delivers when things get spicy on the trails – providing reliability and a decent level of durability.


Another downside though is the drivetrain. The bike only comes with a 9-speed SRAM set-up, which is a real shame.


It just doesn’t offer enough gear range to cope with the bike’s heavy weight or the demands of a day’s hunt.

Final Thoughts

The Jeep is a frustrating e-MTB – we adore the suspension, and the brakes and it feels super smooth to ride for a hunting e-bike.


However, the electrics just don’t deliver the kind of figures you want from a trusty hunting companion, it’s bulky and the gears don’t offer enough range to cope with that weight.


It has aspects to love and aspects to leave you feeling underwhelmed.

6. Quiet Kat Apex Pro

Quiet Kat Apex Pro

Good for – Hunting, all-weather


Price – $4,499




The Quiet Kat Apex Pro is a sportily designed, camouflaged-colored, hunting bike.


It’s made to take on some tricky terrain and be versatile across many settings, from steep descents to long open flats.


It’s currently on sale at the moment, so is another electric bike for hunting to consider.


The Apex Pro comes in a cool camouflage paint job, which has obvious benefits when stalking prey.


It has a stylish finish, with a tidy cockpit and a fairly sporty geometry, which aims to increase the handling potential of the bike.


In reality, it still feels a little cumbersome, purely down to the bike’s overall weight – coming in on the scales at 31kg.


As you would expect from a good hunting bike, it comes fitted with a rear rack over the back wheel so you can load up the kit and you can attach it to trailers when needed.


It has a weight-bearing capacity of 147kg, ideal for hauling back a carcass or loading up the camping gear and supplies.


The bike comes with an 828Wh custom battery, which provides a top range of 83km.


Although big in terms of wattage the top range figure isn’t the most impressive and the battery isn’t the most efficient.


83km shouldn’t be sniffed at, but when you compare it to the 800Wh battery and range on the Bakou Storm Jäger it pales in comparison.


There is also a problem when it comes to charging – the battery takes between 6 and 8 hours to get back up to 100% from empty, which is essentially a full overnight wait.


The Quiet Kat comes with a monster 1000Wh motor, which throws out 120Nm of torque.


That’s enough punch to take on so particularly tricky climbs and it helps offset the concerns around the bike’s overall weight.


The power output is reasonably smooth too and the bike feels quite composed when things get tricky on the trails.


However, as with any bike with a 1000Wh motor, just be careful around big drops or particularly hazardous terrain – an overshoot with a big bike like this could be sketchy.


The motor power works wonders to cart around a big take from the hunt and, combined with the weight-bearing capabilities, it makes it one of the best off-road electric bikes for hunting.


The bike sadly isn’t a full suspension model, but you do get an impressive forks set-up.


It comes fitted with a KKE inverted moto-inspired air fork, which has 140mm of travel at its disposal.


That allows you to take on some seriously lumpy terrain and remain composed.


The fixed rear end has its benefits too. It helps retain traction on the trail and contributes to the bike being an adept climber.


Another bike that isn’t made for the seriously rough and ready descent-focused trails, but the suspension does a solid job for a hunting bike.


The e-MTB is fitted with a custom pair of 26-inch wheels, which have ultra-wide tires, with a 2.6-inch tread.


The tires are the company’s own Apex Pro model, which offers a strong bite into the trail and a lot of balance on uneven ground.


They’re also capable of taking on a trail in all weather conditions, ideal for a hunting expedition.


The e-MTB is fitted with a basic pair of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and they can sometimes feel a little under-gunned for the power of the bike.


Meanwhile, we also have concerns when it comes to the drivetrain – the bike only comes fitted with a 9-gear set-up, which makes churning out the miles quite tricky when you have a load of weight on the back of the bike or when the terrain is particularly challenging.


We would prefer to see a 12-gear set-up on there at least.

Final Thoughts

The Quiet Kat Apex Pro has positives and negatives.


It’s certainly a capable hunting e-bike, with a powerful motor and great weight-baring capabilities, however, there are also issues – the gear range isn’t enough for you to be confident that you’ll be able to pedal comfortably with a big load and the battery isn’t the best quality.


With a sizeable discount on the Quiet Kat website, it’s a fat tire electric bike to consider, but it isn’t quite crème de la crème.

7. Aventon Adventure.2

Aventon Adventure.2

Best hunting e-bike under $2,000


Good for – Hunting on a budget


Price – $1,799




It’s hard to find any hunting-focused e-MTB under $2,000 and particularly a good one.


So Aventon have shaken up the market when they brought out the Adventure.2, severely undercutting the rivals.


The end product is a solid hunting e-bike, which performs admirably in the price range, although it isn’t perfection.


The Aventon Adventure.2 is an aluminum-framed e-MTB, with a luggage rack fitted at the rear end as standard.


That already opens up the bike to weekend adventures and it has huge weight-bearing capabilities – it can cope with up to 180kg.


That makes it an efficient carrier on a hunting expedition, although it doesn’t in any way feel nimble – the bike weighs in at 34.9kg and the handling feels clumsy.


It’s quite basic in its design and looks a little like a city bike from afar, rather than a nature-based explorer.


The Aventon comes with a 720Wh LG battery, which provides a maximum range of around 100km.


On the flats that is pretty achievable, but when you throw in some chunky climbs you see the range fall away considerably.


The bike’s heavyweight means the bike’s range can nose dive when you head up lots of ascents.


The battery sits neatly into the downtube and the bike has a tidy-looking finish.


The Adventure.2 comes with a 750Wh motor, which can emit a maximum torque figure of 80Nm.


Now that’s considerably less powerful than the rest of the bikes on this list and when you factor in the bike’s heavy weight, it struggles to compete.


If you’re out hunting and have a load of gear on the back, it can feel like churning through treacle up difficult climbs, and for a less fit or heavier rider, it just wouldn’t suffice.


The reduced-sized motor is one of the cost-saving methods Aventon has used, but you notice the reduced performance as a result.


The Adventure.2 is also lackluster in the suspension department – it only comes with 80mm of travel at the front end and it has a hardtail.


The bike struggles on bumpy terrain and it makes for an uncomfortable ride when things become unsettled on the trail.


It completely rules the bike out of certain sections and could lead to injury if you try and venture out into gnarly areas.

ℹ️ If you want to take on lumpy and bumpy trails or technical terrain this isn’t the bike for you. The suspension set-up and weight mean the bike simply can’t take the rigors of a challenging trail.


The bike comes with 26-inch custom wheels and 4-inch wide custom fat tires.


The Aventon copes well in all weather conditions and feels stable on the trail, but even the fat tires don’t mask the lack of suspension and it isn’t the smoothest ride.


The Aventon comes with custom brakes, which do just about enough, but are basic in their performance.


Meanwhile, the 8-speed drivetrain simply doesn’t offer anywhere near enough range and it adds to the difficult pedaling experience on tricky terrain and hills.

Final Thoughts

Aventon Adventure.2 is our best budget e-bike for hunting.


It has some flaws and we would expect that from a hunting e-bike under $2,000 – it’s weighty, under-served in the gearing, the suspension and the motor isn’t powerful enough either.


However, the top range is impressive and it’s a fraction of the price of some of the other bikes on this list – can you hunt on it? Yes. Will it be the best hunting companion on earth? No.

Final Summary

If you’re wondering what is the best e-bike for hunting? Then all eyes should be on the Bakcou Storm Jäger. It’s the absolute front runner in our hunting e-bike review guide – a truly magnificent ride that is a trusty partner on a day’s hunting.


It does cost a fair wedge though, so we’ve made sure to include some alternatives for hunters shopping in other price brackets and included a budget option for good measure.


You’re now well-furnished with all the details you need for a good hunting adventure, so all you need to do now is grab your kit, saddle up, and head out into nature.


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Absolutely. There are specialist e-bikes for hunting, which have higher weight baring capabilities, larger wheels to cope with that extra weight, big batteries and powerful motors.


The rigors of a day’s hunt often involves carrying lots of heavy kit or, if you hunt well, a carcass. A specialist hunting e-MTB will have a luggage rack on the back and many have the capability to tow a trailer behind.

Can an e-bike drag a deer?

Yes an e-bike can drag a deer – all the bikes we’ve listed in this e-bike hunting review guide can carry a large amount of extra weight.


They are often fitted with luggage cages, which a trailer can be strapped onto and be dragged along behind.