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Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 Review (2024)

Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01

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The Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 is part of a new breed of super light e-MTBs.


The aim of these new lighter rides is to try and mimic the feel of a conventional bike, putting more emphasis on handling and playfulness, instead of the electrical capabilities.


They aren’t for everyone though and some people may feel short-changed without a big battery and range.


We are seeing more and more of them on the market and the Shuttle SL Pro X01 is one of Pivot’s leading super-light enduro bikes.


So does it tick the right boxes for a fun ride? Or is it one to steer clear of?


Let’s find out in another e-MTB review…

Our Verdict


A super playful, lightweight, enduro bike, which is a dream to handle.


The Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 thrives on technical trails and feels nimble in the trees and on the climbs.


You have enough give in the suspension to take hits, but without losing out on pace on the flats and the climbs.


The battery range will be underwhelming for many riders, unless you’re looking to put the emphasis on your fitness, rather than assistance – and the motor display is also a downside.


However, there are great components elsewhere and overall it’s a damn good bike to ride.



Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 Review

Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 parts

Price: $10,999


The Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 weight is 18.7kg, thanks partly to its lightweight carbon frame.  


Despite being light, the frame compound is durable and it helps soak up impacts impressively.


The bike is designed to be thrown around and it feels nimble on both the climbs and the descents – as a result, the geometry feels flowy and playful.


There is a real ease of handling, which the lightweight frame and geometry help provide.


It’s ultra-responsive and it really comes alive on technical terrain, flowing through the tree lines with a flourish.


The bike descends particularly well and the rider feels assured when things get unsteady and gnarly.


The bike comes in four frame sizes – small, medium, large, and extra large – all of which carry that same playful character throughout.


To achieve lightweight status, e-MTB manufacturers often have to make compromises along the way, to help shave off extra kilograms.

In the case of the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 that comes in the battery department – the bike only comes with a 430Wh Fazua Ride model, which doesn’t provide the longest of ranges.


It’s always hard to put an exact figure on ranges because it comes down to a lot of factors – the rider’s fitness, the amount of climbing, the weather conditions and terrain, etc. – however, we found we could get around 70km out of the battery, with around 1,200m of climbing.


That isn’t a mind-blowing amount and if you need a lot of assistance, then this probably isn’t the bike for you.


The bike was created to try and mimic the feel of a conventional e-MTB and you get that impression in the handling – it isn’t always something you get with a big battery ride.


That’s the compromise Pivot has tried to strike and although the battery is lower range, it’s still higher than a few competing lightweight bikes.

ℹ️ There is a slice of good news, Fazua is planning to bring out a new range extender in 2024, which Pivot says will be compatible with the Shuttle SL Pro XL.

It takes between 3 and 4 hours to charge the current battery up to full from empty and around 2 hours to get back up to 80%.


The motor on the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro XL performs slightly better than the battery.


It’s fitted with the Fazua Ride 60 model, which can emit 60 Nm of torque.

Fazua Ride 60

For a light bike, that proves to be a powerful punch and the bike feels nimble on the climbs as a result.


We found the bike performed well on technical ascents, with the bike’s playfulness allowing you to negotiate tricky sections, while the powerful kick in the motor gave us the gas to keep on going.


It has a smooth power output, which aids the natural ride experience of the overall bike.


You don’t get any mechanical pull, jerk, or overshoot – it’s a joy to ride in that sense and although that top torque figure might not be the most impressive, it actually does the job nicely due to the low weight of your bike.


The motor comes with three modes of assist – Breeze, River, and Rocket – “breeze” is a gentle flowing level of assistance, “river” is a punchier mode, and “rocket” is for those seriously steep climbs.


We’re impressed with the motor.

Motor Display

We have some real issues with the display on the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro XL.


It’s built into the bike’s top tube and designed by Fazua, to accompany their motor and battery – that in itself, isn’t a problem.

Fazua Ride 60 display

However, it only shows the amount of battery life left as 5 LED lights, which represent 20% of charge each – that makes managing your effort incredibly difficult.


You’re never sure if you have 20% left or 1% and that can catch you out big time if you aren’t careful – particularly given that your battery doesn’t have a large range.


As well as the range anxiety issue, it can also be difficult to actually see the display, because it’s sitting on your top tube – if it’s a bright day, the sun glares off it and you have to take your eyes off the trail, to look down.


The only other feature the display has is that it lights up in different colors to indicate which mode of assist you’re in – that isn’t a good enough package for us.


You can link the display, via USB, to an onboard computer, but that comes at extra cost and you have the clutter of a cable in your cockpit, which could get caught up or damaged.


Not good.


Fox Factory Float X
Fox Factory E-MTB 36 29"

The suspension set-up on the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro XL reflects the enduro ambitions that the company set out to achieve.


You get 150mm of travel at the front and 132mm at the rear – the aim is to provide enough give in the forks to compete on rowdier terrain, but without proving to be too spongey on the climbs.


It’s a hard balance to strike, but Pivot has done well with the set-up on this bike.


The 132mm of travel in the shocks helps ensure the bike maintains traction on the flats and climbs, while also offering enough to soak up some drops and bumpier sections.


It comes with FOX Factory 36 forks and FOX Factory Float shocks – they’re both decent quality and offer a balance when climbing and descending.


The bike can’t go out into the wildest downhill sections because it simply hasn’t got enough travel in either the forks and shocks – you would soon come crashing back down to earth if you launched off a monster ledge or took it to the jump park.


However, for an enduro setting, which the bike was designed for, the suspension set-up is spot on.


DT Swiss XM1700
Maxxis Dissector

If you’re wondering what size wheels does a pivot shuttle use? The answer for this ride is a 29-inch set-up, at the front and the rear.


The large wheels ensure you can build up speed quickly, which is key for enduro riding, and it ensures you don’t lose traction (which you might do with a mullet-style set-up).


It comes with DT Swiss XM1700 aluminum wheels – we found they offered a solid grounding on the trail, but we do wonder why Pivot didn’t go for a carbon model.


It could have been down to price, but for a lightweight bike, a carbon wheel set-up is an easy win to shave even more weight off.


The bike comes with Maxxis Dissector tires, which are well suited to enduro riding, with a toothy tread that offers traction when needed, but is also capable of shedding dirt so you don’t feel bogged down.


We’re big fans of the brakes on the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01.


The bike is fitted with Shimano XT M8120s – they are responsive and reliable, while also offering a good level of heat dissipation.


Exactly what you need on a challenging enduro ride.


They last for a long time too thanks to the durability in the compound.


Another excellent feature is the drivetrain components on the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01.


Pivot has gone for a 12-speed SRAM X01 Eagle set-up, which offers incredibly quick shifting and it delivers a smooth riding experience.


It’s one of SRAM’s highest-spec components and you reap the rewards, flying up and down through the gears at pace.

Price - $10,999

It’s a lot of money to pay for any e-MTB, but there are elements of real brilliance in the Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01.


The silky smooth handling and feel of riding a conventional MTB really leaps out at you and it’s a dream to manipulate through tricky terrain.


However, the lack of range will be an issue for many riders and it limits the number of people who would be prepared to pay such a high price tag.


Unless you’re a very fit or experienced rider we wouldn’t recommend going for this bike, but if you do fall in that category, it’s definitely worth taking the punt.

Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 Facts & figures

Geometry configurations

SEAT TUBE LENGTH (C-T)36.8 cm39.4 cm43.2 cm47 cm
TOP TUBE LENGTH59.7 cm63.1 cm64.5 cm65.9 cm
HEAD TUBE LENGTH9.5 cm11.2 cm11.7 cm13 cm
HEAD TUBE ANGLE65.5°65.5°65.5°65.4°
SEAT TUBE ANGLE (EFF.)76.5°76.5°76.5°77.2°
CHAINSTAY LENGTH43 cm43 cm43.2 cm43.6 cm
BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT35.2 cm35.2 cm35.2 cm35.2 cm
BOTTOM BRACKET DROP2.14 cm2.13 cm2.12 cm2.12 cm
STANDOVER67.4 cm67.7 cm68.2 cm68.7 cm
WHEELBASE118.5 cm122.2 cm123.9 cm127.1 cm
STACK60.7 cm62.2 cm62.6 cm63.8 cm
REACH43.9 cm46.9 cm48.2 cm50.4 cm

Full Specs

FrameRear ShockSuspension Fork
Shuttle SLFox Factory Float XFox Factory E-MTB 36 29", 44mm offset, GRIP2 - 150mm
Rear ShifterRear DerailleurCrankset
Sram X01 Eagle 12-SpeedSram X01 Eagle 12-SpeedROTOR EKAPIC E-MTB 34t
Sram XG-1275 10-52tKMC X12 12-Speed
Shimano XT M8120 4-piston
Phoenix Team Low Rise Carbon -780mmPhoenix Team Enduro/TrailPhoenix Factory Lock-On
Phoenix WTB Volt Pro (Medium Width)Pivot Precision Sealed Cartridge
RimsFront TireRear Tire
DT Swiss XM1700 w/ DT Swiss 350 hub & 36t Star Ratchet 30mm - 29"

15x110 F/12x157 R
Maxxis Dissector 29" x 2.4" WT, TR, 3C, EXO, MAXXTERRAMaxxis Dissector 29" x 2.4" WT, TR, 3C, EXO, MAXXTERRA
Motor & Battery
430Wh Fazua Ride model

How Does it Compare?

The Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 gained a place on our list of top e-mtbs of 2023, so we’re going to put it up against another e-MTB that secured a spot on the list.


That bike is the Orbea Rise M-LTD.

Both bikes are lightweight e-MTBs, which are made for enduro riding.


We thought our Pivot was impressively light at 18.7kg, but the Orbea blows that figure out the water, coming in at only 16.2kg.


That genuinely gives the Orbea the feel of a conventional, non-electrically powered e-MTB, and it makes it even more playful and easy to manipulate than our Pivot.


To create that weight saving Orbea has only installed a 360Wh battery, which is smaller than the 430Wh model on our Pivot – that reduces your range even further.


Both bikes aren’t suited to an unfit rider – they’re targeted at experienced and super fit riders, who don’t need much assistance.


However, our Orbea gives you more of a helping hand in the electrics department.


Both bikes come with motors that can emit 60Nm of torque, but it makes more of a difference with the Orbea thanks to its incredibly low weight.


You get 140mm of travel at both the front and the rear on the Orbea, 10mm less at the front than our Pivot and 8mm more than our Pivot at the rear.


Both bikes have good suspension components provided by FOX – around about on par with each other.


The Orbea comes with 29-inch carbon wheels, which are better than the aluminum model on our Pivot and you get a similar standard of tires.


The Orbea also comes with superior Shimano XTR brakes and a cracking 12-speed Shimano XTR drivetrain, which is on par with our SRAM set-up on the Pivot.


On price – the Orbea comes in at $12,148, which is $1,149 more expensive than our Pivot – is it worth paying? We think it is.


Our Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 is an excellent bike, but the Orbea is even more refined.

Final Thoughts

The Pivot Shuttle SL Pro X01 sets out to offer a natural riding experience, that mimics the qualities of a normal MTB, and it does that well.


It’s a beauty to handle and the bike feels ultra-playful through technical trails and it’s versatile both up and downhill.


It’s prepped and ready for aggressive enduro action, but if you need a lot of assistance, you will feel let down.


To save weight, Pivot has had to shave down the power of the battery and most intermediate riders and below could find the range underwhelming.


However, the bike is fitted with top-end components throughout, and apart from a poor display and the range, there is little to grumble about.


It’s a success for us, now your time to have a go on this playful e-MTB – get peddling.